Sunday, 15 April 2012

Wedding Bells 46 Days later!

It's traditional for the bells of All Saints Church to ring straight after a wedding as the bride and groom walk into the outside world for the first time as man and wife, however for The Rev Jenny Taylor and her husband Charles Green it was a whole 46 days later! This was because they were married at the Norfolk and Norwich University hospital on Wednesday 29th February before Charles underwent a high-risk heart procedure, which he was told the chance of survival were slim, however Charles proved the doctors wrong and well over a month after the operation he is recovering well. Both Jenny and Charles have supported many of the events held by the ringers, and feeling bad that they never got bells after their wedding at the hospital, the ringers decided that they would ring for them one Sunday. So after the service on Sunday 15th April the ringers rang 120 call changes for the happy couple. After which Tower Captain Aaron Hall presented them with a certificate to commemorate the special ring. The band was made up of Mark Tweedie, Claire Willetts, Fiona Joisce, Helen Watson, Ted Conyers and Aaron Hall (who conducted). Click here to see the ringers with the happy couple after the ringing

Monday, 2 April 2012

The Holy Week Big Clean!

Holy week is generally a quiet time in the bell tower, as ringing is suspended for the week, however this year there was sound coming from the bell tower all be it a strange sound...the sound of hoovering!
A small team of ringers took on the huge task of cleaning All Saint's mighty bell tower from top to bottom. Aaron Hall, Brian Laing, Claire Willetts and Janet Yeomans worked from 10am till 3:00pm making sure every part of the tower from the bell chamber to the ringing chamber was cleaned of dust and dirt which had built up over the last few years. The opportunity was also taken to carry out some much needed maintenance work including replacing a worn rope on the tenor bell as well as adjusting ropes of some of the other bells. Click here to see some photos from the cleaning day.