Sunday, 31 July 2011

Tower holds the clue to BBC Radio Norfolk Treasure Hunt

Becky from BBC Radio Norfolk's Treasure Quest had to climb up those never ending stairs to reach the bell chamber of Swanton Morley Church to get the second clue. The clue was resting against the fourth bell. Becky seemed over the moon to climb up the tower!!
 The clue that led them to the tower was:
"Here the royal townsmen lurk,
Although you’ll have to get them in order.
Where they’re doing more than picnicking today,
...Not a division one, but go to the chamber."
It was great listening to all the people guessing where it could be!

Click here to see the photos.

Teddy Afternoon Fun

The All Saints Swanton Morley Bell Ringers held their 3rd Annual Teddy Bear Zip Wire Afternoon at Swanton Morley Church on Sunday 31st July. Many families turned out to take part in this increasingly popular event. It is estimated that over 300 people attended the three hour event which included in many competitions and games in addition to the terrifying teddy bear zip wire from the top of the 100ft tower.

Countless excited children (and adults) watched as their precious teddy bears took the “express” trug lift up the front of the mighty bell tower before taking the exhilarating ride back to the waiting hug of their owners. It was brilliant to see so many families having such a good time, many staying most of the afternoon talking to other parents and families.

Many families searched the church and churchyard for hidden teddy bears to create the mystery word, with the eventual winner being Elizabeth from Swanton Morley winning a teddy bear. Zoe Gatt also won a teddy bear after impressing  the judges with her design for a teddy bear. Lauren Cooke correctly named guessed the name of the Teddy Bear and won “Lenny”. In addition to the games and competitions, three troops from Robertson Barracks brought a Spartan transporter to allow members of the public the chance to look inside a military vehicle with many parents saying their children wouldn't let them proceed to the other stalls without first taking a look inside!

The event raised £288, a record total, which will be put towards the Swanton Morley Bell Fund which keeps the bells of All Saints Church ringing. The current project is to start replacing some of the bell ropes which are starting to show signs of wear as well as correcting some of the problem with the striking of the bells.

Photos coming soon