Friday, 30 March 2012

Brian's Model Bell

Brian Laing unveiled his lasted woodwork project for the tower...a working model of a bell in its frame. The model will be invaluable in teaching what happens when you ring a bell. This is now standing pride of place in the centre of the ringing chamber on the table built by Brian too. Click here to see Brian standing next to his creation.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Bells for the Light Dragoons

The ringers of All Saints rang prior to a special service conducted by the Rev Adrian Aubrey-Jones for the troops of Roberston Barracks prior to their deployment to Afghanistain in the coming weeks. The troops were presented with special wooden crosses which they will take with them on their tour.   The ringers rang from 1:30pm till the start of the service at 2:00pm.

The Drama of the Cracked Stay!

There was some drama at the practice night tonight as the stay on number 5 dropped out whilst it was being run by a new learner, Lee Fox. During the early stages of learning the new ringing learns to ring one  of the strokes at a time with the tutor keeping hold of the rope at all times. Whilst Lee was ringing the handstroke with Brian the stay dropped out (its not really supposed to do this!). Brian safely got the bell back down so the stay could be retrevied. Upon inspection we learnt that the stay had rotten through however it was impossible to see this on routine inspections.