Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilee Bells Ring Out

Monday, 4 June, 2012
The bell ringers of All Saints Church Swanton Morey have rung, along with ringers across the whole country, to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II at both Swanton Morley Church and Beetley Church.
The celebratory ringing started on Sunday at Swanton Morley, as the team rang rounds and call changes before a special Jubliee Service at the Church. The ringers were: Mark Tweedie, Claire Willetts, Fiona Joisce, Richard Joisce, Ted Conyers, Lee Fox and Aaron Hall (conductor). There was then a mad dash across to St Mary Magdalene Church Beetley to ring on the eight bells there, some more rounds and call changes after Beetley's special Jubilee Service. The team there was made up of Brian Laing, Fiona Joisce, Helen Watson, Claire Willetts, Ted Conyers, Lee Fox and Aaron Hall. For many of the ringers there it was their first time ringing on the very light bells of Beetley, but the whole team did fantastically well.
The ringers then returned up the tower on Monday evening to ring as thousands of Beacons were lit across the country including two at Swanton Morley. As the beacon was lit at Darby's public house (just down from the church) and fireworks started to fill the sky the ringers broke into a loud rendition of the National Anthem (whilst ringing some very quick rounds!). The ringers who rang were: Aaron Hall, Ted Conyers, Mark Tweedie, Helen Watson, Fiona Joisce, Richard Joisce, Elizabeth Joisce, Claire Willetts, Brian Laing, Alyson Booth and Barry Leech.